Monday, January 3, 2011

Quick New Years Resolutions

Here's a few things I plan to do this year...

1. Have more fun. Find things I enjoy and do more of them. This doesn't mean being stupid or unwise. It doesn't mean bending God's boundaries, it simply means engaging more whole-heartedly in the awesome things God has given me.
2. Give more away than ever before. This has been my goal every year for over 5 years. It is so cool to be able to invest in eternity. At my level of income and expenses this mostly means controlling my expenses so that I can increase my giving. So cool that I can exchange slurpies for souls! Dollars for destinies.
3. Read "The Book" a lot more and engage in more prayer. These have become regular disciplines for me but I am determined to take them both to a new level and not to let myself stay at this level of reality. Every other good thing in my life has flowed from these two things being a regular part of my life.
4. Speak my mind more. I tend to have strong opinions and lot's of them. I am also a talker and communicator so I have had to learn wisdom over the years and learn to shut up, especially when I am in new environments or people are still getting to know me. The challenge is to add value with my words without taking any away. I will continue to measure my words but I will speak more of them in the right contexts.