Tuesday, August 18, 2009

FIghting "Busy"

“Busy” is an enemy! I hate it. It keeps me up too late. It takes away my family time. It eats up my world before I get a taste.

Not that we should be idle or bored. But “busy” means I don’t have room for extras, special moments, meaningful moments. When do I write a card to one of my kids, my wife or a friend? Certainly not when I am busy. When do I stop for reflection or offer someone spontaneous help? Not when I am busy.

So how do we fight “busy”? For me, the best way to fight ‘busy’ is to see it as an attitude. I get to decide in any given moment if I am going to feel busy. I might have a lot of important things to do but that doesn’t mean I am ‘busy’. ‘Busy’ is a choice and I choose not to be.

Being busy has more to do with your inner attitude than it has to do with the amount of your outer activites. Jesus had a lot to do, I doubt he was ever busy.