Saturday, June 19, 2010

What Do I Rant About? Lots of things...But This is One of Them!

"How infinitely richer this direct first hand grasping of God Himself is, than the old method that I used to reccomend for years, the reading of endless devotional books. Almost it seems to me now that the very Bible cannot be read as a substitute for meeting God soul to soul and face to face. And yet, how was this new closeness acheived? Ah, I know that it is by the cutting the very heart of my heart and by suffering. Somebody was telling me this week that nobody can make a violin speak the last depths of human longing until that soul has been made tender by some great anguish. I do not say that it is the only way to the heart of God, but I must witness that it has opened up an inner shrine for me which I never entered before."
- Frank Laubach "Practicing His Presence"