Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Soul Craving

Part of being human is to have desire. Desires come from wants and needs. At their most basic level, desires show up as physical hunger for food, sex, air and whatever else our bodies need or want. But our desires run deeper than those. In fact, people are willing to give up many of their physical desires in order to obtain their deeper desires. What are these deeper desires? I believe they are the cravings of our souls. Just as the physical side of us has longings, so does the immaterial side of us. We long for love, for connection, for true friendship, for truth, for meaning, for purpose. I believe it is in these soul cravings that life takes on joyful meaning and beautiful reality. Many of life's greatest pains and ecstasies exist in this realm.

Have you tapped into those desires? Do you know you own soul's cravings? Are you pursuing them in healthy ways that will not provide quick "sugar" fixes that leave your soul damaged in the long run?

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