Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Growing Spiritually

What is good for your soul? You are not just a physical being. I knew this as a child looking in a mirror at my physical body. I knew there was more to me inside that what I saw on the outside. In fact, you are more soul (or spirit) than you are a body at all. You live in a body but you are far more than your body.

How is the state of your spiritual life? What is the state of your heart? If we could do a spiritual heart exam, I wonder what it would reveal?

Things left to themselves tend to become chaotic and die. Our souls can fill up on junkfood and fill up with weeds; we need to tend to them or they will get sick.

What does the soul need to be healthy? I could tell you to read great books, or even the Bible. I could tell you to spend time in solitude, prayer or with great friends. I could tell you to go to church or to listen to great music and worship or to spend time in nature. But as true as all of those things are, they are skirting the real issue. They are all means to an end. What does my soul really need?

The Living Bread, the Living Water. In a word, JESUS. I know it sounds simplistic. But it's true. Not the idea of Jesus, not belief in Jesus, not the inclusion of Jesus into our already overcrowded lives...but Jesus the person. Jesus known and loved. Jesus encountered personally. Do you know Him? When was the last time you feasted your soul on Him?