Saturday, October 31, 2009

Joining Forces

None of us can accomplish nearly as much individually as we can in groups. One of the problems is that we each have our own individual ego. Working together on the same project makes it necessary to lay down our own ego.  If we want the glory and the credit, we will not accomplish much in life because we will always be working on our own. There are thousands of small endeavors that accomplish very little. Networking and teaming up for great endeavors would be far more powerful and effective.

What if we laid aside our differences to work on a common mission?

Our tendancy, when we hear about the power of teamwork, is to make our plans and then try to get others to join in. This does not work because we have not invited people along from the conception of the vision. What idea, vision, or plan are you currently pursuing that you have not first collaborated with others on? What would happen if you put your vision aside, joined a team at the grassroots phase and then teamed up together to change your city, family, church or world?

Lay aside our differences.
Lay aside our ego.
Let's find a Cause we can join forces on and then collaborate together from the ground up for that Cause.