Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This marks the 111th post. I want to thank those who have been reading them. I am amazed that you do and thankful that you allow me to invest in you. My philosophy of life involves learning and growing as much as possible myself and then giving away what I learn. Basically from a whole life point of view (not just money)..."make all you can...give all you can".

The other thing though is this. I have always been bugged by teachers who felt like they were condescending to me while they taught. That is, teachers who give me the impression that I am lucky to hear/read their stuff. That somehow, I owe them and better really appreciate it.

I far prefer to learn from teachers who are servants. They feel privileged to teach me. They appreciate the opportunity to teach. They see teaching as an honor not an obligation.

So thanks for reading. I hope some of these posts have been helpful.