Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I know you've been waiting for it. It's finally here...THE BOOKS OF MAY

I read so many great books in May it seems unfair to put them all in one blog. But here they are:

The Me I Want To Be - John Ortberg
I love anything this guy writes. This book was very meaty and hard to read without taking time to reflect. Really, really good!

Making It All Work - David Allen
This book helped me understand stress in a completely different light than I have ever seen it before. Want to know why burnout is epidemic in the information age? Check this guy's stuff out! Lots of it is online.

The Right To Remain Silent - A Night to Remember - Joy Desjarlais
She is a great person, a local authour who has a powerful story that should be told. Thanks Joy for your hard work and vulnerability in writing this book.

By Design or Default - Creating Church Culture That Works - Kevin Gerald
This guy is doing church very, very well. Well worth checking out his stuff online as well, Champions Center in Seattle. Loved this book.

3 Questions of a Frantic Family - Patrick Lencioni
One of my new favourite authours. I have now officially read everything he has written...until he comes out with another book, and I am looking forward to that. This guy has a gift of writing in a way that is fun to read and finding ways to make huge improvements with simple steps.

The Monkey and The Fish - Liquid Leadership in a Third Culture Church - Dave Gibbons
This book was confusing and challenging for me. Very stretching and messed with my paradigms of how ministry works.

How To Break Growth Barriers - Carl George
The second time I read this book and liked it even better the second time. The best material I have seen on this subject.

Doing Church as A Team - Wayne Cordiero
Cordiero is one of my heroes. God has used him to hugely impact my life. Check out his Life Journals at

Corrie Ten Boom - Janet and Jeff Benge
Biographies inspire me.

Practicing His Presence - Brother Lawrence, Frank Laubach
My favourite book of all time. I am so excited to be sharing it with 20 or so people in our book club. Can't wait to hear their responses. Expresses the one longing of my heart which is to live in continuous conscious joy in the presence of God. (Psalm 27:4; Rom. 10:31; Phil. 3)

The Pursuit of God - AW Tozer
My second favourite book in all the world. This book has more great quotes than a hundred other books together. Definitely a classic. I hope someone makes a modern English version soon.

Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell
Fun stuff. Very interesting.

If Only He Knew - Gary Smalley
Oh man, now that I know I feel all guilty and everything though!  If only I did half of the stuff I learned in this book!

Mad Church Disease - Anne Jackson
Wow, cool, cutting edge, fun, very, very, relevant to where I am at and the church in North America is at. Well done!

Messy Spirituality - Michael Yaconelli
An excellent read that messes with any religiosity that you might have in you.

Yup, if you are counting, that's 15 books in May! Wow, I know what you are thinking. He must have skim-read some of them. Well...that's probably true, I confess. And some of them had pictures too...and popups, I love popups!