Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Books of June

Marketing the Church - George Barna
Well, a bit boring to be honest. But some really good stuff. If you believe that marketing a church is somehow bad, selfish, inauthentic or whatever, this book makes a good argument in favour of marketing the church.

Ministry Marketing - Yvonne Prehn
This was actually pretty cool. A lot of great ideas and a lot of well communicated marketing principles. Not Seth Godin (my favourite marketing guy) but still really good.

Case for the Creator for Kids - Lee Strobel
My wonderful daughter read me this great book in a single sitting (over 60 pages). She's the best.

Money is Easy...Faith is Hard - David Meir
A great table tennis player. Great job putting out a book, makes the rest of us wish we were publishing stuff too! Proud of you.

The Gift of Being Yourself - David Benner
Oh man, this one really messed me up. So much great stuff in here that changed my thinking on this topic. Well done both theologically and practically. A much needed book that bridges the gap between the theological world and the physiological world. I definitely needed it. The right book at the right time for me.

Death by Meeting - Patrick Lencioni
This guy never ceases to amaze me. Everyone has to read at least one of his books. If you like one of them, keep reading, they are all great!

Missional Renaissance - Reggie McNeal
Lots of great points. I disagreed with many of them and loved many of them. This guy is pushing the boundaries of our current reality and redefining the church for the next generation. This is a paradigm shifter. I hope people don't take him too literally, some of this stuff may be going to one extreme to counteract the other.

Just Enough Anxiety - Robert Rosen
Great concept. Maybe I will blog about this soon.

Preaching that Connects - Galli and Larson
Awesome stuff. What a great book. Simple, straightforward, helpful advice. put it into practice, I wish that wasn't a part of reading.

The End of Religion - Bruxy Cavey
This is one of the best books I have read in a long time. I didn't agree with everything but the basic premise is very powerful! Highly recommended!

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality - Pete Scazarro
I hate to admit it but this book was pretty good. The basic premise I had a hard time with but the practical advice is awesome. A lot of pain could be spared by following this book's advice. So many needlessly hurting people. Whether you agree with this guy's theology or not, let's learn how to do life, church and ministry in healthy ways!