Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Developing Myself and Others

Here is one of the frameworks I have used for years in my own personal development and in developing leaders. I have found that it is easy to focus on one area of development to the neglect of others. I see these three areas as needing to stay in balance for healthy growth. We must grow in:

1. Knowledge. The increasing of truth and information in our lives. Much of learning and development happens here. If we neglect this area we end up in huge disasters. I call this area of development "HEAD".

2. Power. The finding and forming of inner motivation  and strength in our lives. In Christian terms, this is being full of the Holy Spirit and leaning on the strength of God in our lives. It is the experiential, emotional side of development. If we neglect this area we end up passionless, powerless, useless. I call this area of development "HEART"

3. Action. This is learning by doing. At some point we have to take the knowledge and power we are given and put them into practice. We have to put feet to our faith. To grow as a leader we need to be leading something. To grow in our walk with God we need to not just know the truth (HEAD) and believe the truth (HEART) but we also must obey the truth. I call this area of development HANDS.

So there it it.

Learn the truth, love the truth, live the truth.
Know Jesus, love Jesus, serve Jesus.
Learn leadership principles, develop a leader's heart, and do something with your leadership.

This includes reading, studying, questioning, discussing, memorizing, re-learning, listening.
Developing a framework of truths and principles from which to work.

This includes developing a heart of love, a passion or motivation, forgiveness, joy, a servant's heart, humility, experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit.

This includes obedience to God's word, applying the principles in action, executing on things that you know need to be done. This is practical application in the real world.

All head and heart and no hands? Hypocrisy. Zero effectiveness. Nothing actually happens. Just a dreamer.
All head and hands and no heart? Cold. Unloving, dispassionate. No real power to transform. Does more damage than good, destructive.
All heart and hands and no head? Crazy. Poor decisions, naive, deceived, dangerous.

All three together? Accomplishment. Forward motion.

Try using this framework for holiness, for leadership, for managing a company, for evaluating your family life (a healthy family is healthy and growing in these 3 areas in a balanced way), for your church, your ministry.