Saturday, September 18, 2010

What To Do With A Really Bad Day

One morning not long ago I got to work with a sense of urgency and excitement. There was work to do that was both engaging and vital. Unfortunately, a more urgent matter came to the forefront. Somewhat frustrated, I left the job I wanted and needed to do in order to deal with the urgent, hoping I could do it in a few minutes. The new job took over 6 hours and loads of frustration to accomplish. When I was finally heading back to my original work, tired, frustrated, demotivated, I was again met with a more pressing matter. This time the more pressing matter was not solved but became far worse. I headed for home having just experienced one of the worst work days I have had in years.

But here is the interesting thing. I was not upset, stressed, or angry, though I had many reasons (excuses) to be. When I arrived home I was able to joyfully engage my family in the evenings activities rather than wallowing in self-pity or deflating in emotional exhaustion. Why?

I began the day by dedicating it to God and trusting He would guide my steps. I listened for the whispers of the Holy Spirit and though I failed at times, did my best to be attentive and obedient the entire day. I reminded myself over and over again that stressing out would not improve my situation (Matt. 6). I trusted that God would enable me to get all that I needed to get done in the time He had given me and reminded myself of this several times. I realized all day long that my attitude was my own choice and that my response to my tough circumstances would have more implications for my life than the circumstances themselves. I had a great support network praying for me and actually had someone share with me how they had prayed for me that day (boy I needed it).

Now don't think I am super holy or anything. I have had total meltdowns on far less difficult days. But I am so glad to see that the principles do work if I choose to work them. I plan to have more great days ahead whether or not they outwardly seem like the worst day of my life or not.

Psalm 118:24