Thursday, November 11, 2010

Godly Heritage

Every time I attend a government gathering (such as today's Remembrance Day service) I am reminded how distinctly Christian our country is. Sometimes in the normal course of life, in our secularized society, I forget just how Christ-centered our country really is. At some point, someone (many someones) stood up in an appropriate and winsome way for Christ and led our country to be God-dependent. It's in our anthem, it's in the fabric of our culture. I recently was reading a book with statistics about religion in Saskatchewan in a museum. I was amazed to see huge percentages of us that still identify ourselves as Christian (looked to me like over 3/4s). Pretty cool. I am thankful for most of the heritage that our forefathers have passed on to us. I plan to be a part of a generation that passes a great heritage on!