Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Swimming Upstream In Peanut Butter

Emotions, mental states, and attitudes are funny things. When our emotions co-operate with us we feel like doing the things we ought to do. When our minds co-operate with us they work quickly, clearly and easily on the things we employ them on. When our attitudes work with us...well you get the picture.

Ever tried to do the right thing when you emotions, mind and attitudes were working against you? What to do?

1. Take advantage of the times when they are working for you. When you have something that needs to get done that is hard to it when your head is clear and your heart is in it. Why waste that precious time? There are a few hours of the day that my brain co-operates well with me. For me that is usually in the morning, right after a good strong cup of coffee. That is when I ought to get after the stuff I need my brain to co-operate with me on. There are times your body actually wants to exercise...take advantage of it! Times your appetite actually craves healthy food...go for it!!! Times you actually feel like mowing the it now! You can even get to know your patterns and set yourself up to do the right things at the right times so that you have your emotions, mind and attitude working for you.

2. Keep temptation out of the way. Temptation weakens us. It beats us down. I may be strong enough emotionally now to fight it but what about when my emotions turn around and become my enemy? My rule is to keep temptation as far away as possible so that when my weak moments come, I won't have any need to fight to do what's right. Don't buy the cable plan with 100 channels, keep a accountability program on your Internet browser, throw the chips away instead of leaving them in your cupboard, etc..

3. Find activities that need to get done but don't take much willpower for your weak moments. If you know you have an emotional and mental lull at 2 pm every day, save your brainless, emotionally effortless work for that time of day.

4. Press through. With the activities that your body, brain, and emotions don't want you to do but that you know you ought to or need to's what you do. Do it anyway; sometimes you will find that in a few minutes your emotions, brain and body will come along and co-operate. There is a tremendous feeling of satisfaction in making yourself do something and then enjoying it in the end. Even if your body, brain and emotions don't come along it is good exercise for your decision muscles. Your 'will' needs exercise. Press through.