Monday, October 5, 2009

If You're Having Fun We're Having Fun

Okay, confession time. I watched a bit of a skating show last night. My wife was watching it, really, and I just wanted some quality time with her (Truth is...I was too lazy to read and decided to let my brain fry in front of the TV and the show wasn't that bad, either). Anyway, one of the judges spoke after a skating routine and said this, "You were having fun out there and if you're having fun, we're having fun."

That got me thinking. I think that's true almost anywhere. Apply it at home with your kids...if you're having a miserable time, chances are you're spreading your misery around. If you're having fun, your chances of lifting your kids' day are higher. Apply it at work; if you're having fun, your co-workers and customers are more likely to be having fun too.

Now I want to meddle a bit. What about church? Maybe our friends don't come to church with us because we are so miserable there! What if we were having so much fun at church, we wouldn't miss it for the world? (literally...don't miss church for the world!)

What if the musicians were having fun, the greeters, the children's workers, the sound man, the media lady, the preacher (whoa...the preacher having fun?)? I think if we all enjoyed ourselves a bit more, we might be more attractive.

Now before you throw stones at me for promoting fun in church, I think a short perusal through the Bible would show that it's not only good PR (public relations), but it's also God-honouring.

A great case study on this from a business perspective is an airline called "Southwest Airlines". If you have ever ridden on one of these planes, you will recount the FUN experience with everyone you know. So, whatever you happen to be up to today...try to have some fun while you are at it. You will not only enjoy it will actually be adding value to the thing you are doing.