Monday, November 29, 2010

Books of November

November was a really good reading month. A lot of the books really impacted me. Several of them were books that I was reading for the second and third time and I was surprised to find them better this time around (usually I don't enjoy doing that but this time I seemed to really benefit from it).

My prayer lately: "God, increase my appetite for your Word!" Sometimes I hear people say that you should read the Bible, not other books. And I suppose if you have to pick, that's true. But why do we have to pick; why not do both? These books have helped increase my appetite for God's word.

Great books of November

How the Mighty Fall - Jim Collins
 - Read this for the second time, way better after hearing him speak on the topic a couple times. What a great book. This material is so helpful for any organization! I highly recommend all Collins' books.

Leading the Revolution - Gary Hamel
 - A very challenging book. High energy, passionate call to innovation, creativity, cutting-edge living. Basically, it is a call to innovate or die. I was very challenged by the book but I thought it was unbalanced. Innovation can put an organization in a situation where the risks are so high, you are basically playing the lottery. Innovate yes, but without betting the farm!

Adoniram Judson - Faith Cox Bailey
 - Biography of a missionary who sacrificed more than I could imagine. I cried, I prayed, I longed to live for God as fully as I can in this mission field. I am so glad to be a missionary!

Good to Great - Jim Collins
Great book for the second or third time reading it. So many concepts that are powerful. Would be a good book to work through chapter by chapter with a senior management team.

Good to Great for the Social Sector
 - Some interesting added insights to the "Good to Great" concepts. Nothing revolutionary, but neat to see how principles can be applied in different settings.

The Way of the Heart - Henri Nouwen
This is one of the more powerful little books I have ever read. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to really minister God's word and life effectively to others. This is the third or fourth time I read it, and I loved it again!

The Hour that Changes the World - Dick Eastman
Surprised me with how good this book was. It is a call to prayer with tons of practical prayer advice. Now one of my favourite prayer books. Simple, practical, Biblical, and it did inspire me to more prayer, which is what I wanted and needed.

Living The Life - Peter Horrobin
An excellent introduction to doing exactly as the title says: living the life that God made us to live. What a great book; I wish every new Christian had the discipline to read it.

Path of the Warrior - Cpl Nathan Justice
This was one of those books that is very cool for guys. Men will be inspired by this soldier's story. I would love to get this book for every man in my church! Published in 2010, it tells fresh stories of the current engagement in Afghanistan and God's work in the heart at the same time. It has some great insights into God's Word and it is short and fun to read. A perfect men's book!

 Heart After God - Luis Palau
This book is about David and Saul. It has tons of absolutely powerful thoughts and principles. I wish I could find more books like this.