Monday, December 27, 2010

What REALLY Matters?

The night of April 14, 1992, the ocean liner Titanic crashed into an iceberg in the Atlantic and sank. One of the most fascinating stories was from a woman who was boarding a lifeboat as the Titanic was sinking. She asked if she could return to her stateroom for something and was given just three minutes. In her stateroom she ignored her own jewellery, and instead grabbed 3 oranges. Then she quickly returned to her place in the boat.   Just hours earlier it would have been ludicrous to think she would have accepted a crate of oranges for even one small diamond. But, circumstances had suddenly transformed all the values aboard the ship. The emergency had clarified her priorities! Too often we wait too long to learn what is really important.
Too easily and too frequently we get sidetracked and distracted from the truly important things in life. The comforts of this world and the busyness of life deceive us into counting frivolous things as important and vitally important things as insignificant.
What do you need to raise higher when it comes to your life's priorities?
What do you need to lower?
I know for me this year, I am determined to view my time in God's Word as far more important than the vast majority of the rest of my life.