Monday, March 7, 2011


Have you ever been with someone who was full of energy? I mean the good kind, not angry or frustrated energy but life-giving, positive, freeing, empowering energy. There is a new word floating around that has reached my ears several times, "ENERGIZED." It describes a state of being focused, in the moment, able to contribute and fully engaged.

I have love listening to communicators (preaching and teaching). Ever listen to a speaker who has no energy? It is torture. Ever listen to a speaker who exudes energy? It is a blast.

I love being around or watching a sports coach who energizes others. Notice that the most energizing coaches aren't necessarily the loudest ones? There is more to energy than volume.

I attend a lot of meetings. Meetings tend to be a bore if we aren't very intentional about making them otherwise. Ever noticed the energy levels in a meeting?  They tend to ebb and flow. Sometimes everyone is really involved, on the edge of their seats, thinking, listening, talking and engaging.  Other times, it seems like the energy has been sucked out of the room. People are zoned out, distracted, dazed, bored out of their minds.

If you are like me (and as scary as it least in this way), then your energy levels eb and flow. They go up and down throughout the day, week, month and year. This is normal and actually a good thing. The challenge is not to be energized all the time, but to be energized at the right time (Imagine a person always energized...they might actually get irritating). I have been doing some thinking and reading about this topic lately and plan to do some blogging on today's blog is really about the first step in being a energized person, and that is awareness. Become aware of your own energy. Of the energy of the people around you. Of the energy in different environments, meetings, homes, meals, etc..

Ask questions about it. What does 'energized' really mean? When do I find myself most energized? When shouldn't I be energized (like when trying to go to sleep)?

One last thought. Just in case you are wondering if I am going new age on you. I believe followers of Jesus are supposed to shine their light brightly. Doesn't that sound like it has something to do with energy to you?

Hope you found this blog energizing.