Wednesday, June 29, 2011

God-Saturated Worldview

I have been spending some time lately in the Psalms looking for characteristics or themes that work their way through the Psalms. There are obvious ones, such as praise, joy, cries for help, hunger for God, love for His Word and more. But one area that struck me today was how thoroughly the writers of the Psalms believe that God is intricately involved in this world (is this world entirely and in their own world personally).

When they see creation, they see how big God is and how detailed and how joyful and abundant. They see His majesty there and His glory. When they see fearsome acts of creation, they see God's awesome power and might and even judgement.

When they see suffering, they see God's closeness to the brokenhearted. His care for those in need. They see the need for His justice against those who cause suffering. When they endure suffering they do so with a God-saturated view (crying out of God for help, waiting on God for strength, etc.)

When they see sin they see it's affront to God and rebellion against Him. They see it's consequences in light of how God intended life to be lived. They see the need for judgement and forgiveness.

It seems in everything they say, they relate all that is in this world and all that is in their lives to God. Not just to see God as somehow a piece of it or distantly involved. They see it all with a God-saturated view.

From Him, by Him and for Him are all things.

What would change in your life if you had a God-saturated worldview?
When you celebrated something good, your celebration would flow into worship and gratefulness and rejoicing in God.
When you endured something horrible, you would cry out to God, look to Him, wait for Him, press into Him, complain to Him and find strength in Him.
When you engaged in life's activities you would do them with Him and for Him.

I think this is how all of life can be worship.