Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One of My Favourite Leaders Recently Sent This Awesome Message


Lessons from David

David took his men from being cave dwellers to world changers. He took them from being problem focused to purpose driven; from below and beneath to above and beyond; and from Adullum complainers to Hebron victors (1 Samuel 22:1-2).

It’s time for everyone to get healthy and move forward…together.

Right now you might not be where you want to be, but you don’t have to stay where you are. There is a way up and out, and you can start from wherever you are!

David was a purpose driven leader and such purpose focused leaders will not stay in the cave of Adullum for very long.

To come out on top, we must learn how to behave in a Cave:

  • Speak Life:You can tell what people are focused on by what they talk and pray about.
  • Learn to Recognize Potential: Many of these same men became David’s mighty men of valor.
  • Lead by Example: David taught them through life experience how to live life at the top.

Learning from Keilah– Under attack (23:1-5).

  • David taught his men to be unselfish and be willing to help their brethren when they had the opportunity.
  • He taught them the importance of inquiring of God and doing what God said and not being afraid of man. (See also Judges 5:2 “When leaders lead in Israel….”)
  • He taught them how to conquer their fears and be courageous.

In doing all this David brought them all out of debt to the place where they had more than enough.

Lessons along the Way

  • The Law of Honor: David taught his men how to honor someone not worthy of honor (1Samuel 24:4-7; 2:30).
  • The Courage to Fight Again: He taught them how to deal with discouragement and encourage themselves in the Lord (30:1-8). This is an absolute essential if you are going to live life at the top.
  • The Seed of Generosity: David taught them to be generous and fair, as he was with his men and with those who had helped him in the past (20-31). Personal success is built on the contributions of those who surround us, and those who have stood with us. To strengthen these is to strengthen self. To treat your team well is to treat yourself well.

They came to David day by day until it was a great army like the army of God (1Chronicles 12:22).

All these mighty men of war, who could keep rank, came to Hebron with a loyal heart to make David king over all Israel (38).

They attracted what they had become and they all rallied around a God given purpose:

  • To unite a divided Israel
  • To restore righteousness
  • To take the stronghold of Jerusalem and make it the city of God
  • To make David king (just as we are called to make Jesus King)

Three kinds of people in David’s army
There were three kinds of people in David’s army, and God will put these same three types of people in your life:

1. The Strategists
The sons of Issachar…had understanding of the times, to know what…to do (32).

These are people who have experienced success. Some people just seem to know what will work. If they have a solid track record, listen to them!

2. The Warriors
A God given vision attracts people who want to see the vision fulfilled. Such people are willing to sacrifice, fight and work hard to make things happen. Learn to encourage the warriors God sends your way.

3. The Providers
As mentioned above, a divine vision attracts people. Some will fight with you to make it happen, and then there are those simply called to provide resources. When God gets a hold of the heart of a business-man or woman, they find motivation to prosper and succeed because it is a means of prospering the kingdom of God (39-40). They live to give to something meaningful…to something eternal!

Get to know those who labor among you. People are your greatest resource. They are the key to the success of any God given vision. And they are the key to life at the top, both for you and for them. Life at the top is meant to be attained and maintained…together!

We believe that in serving each other we become one. And in unity there is unlimited power!

 Dr. George Hill
Founder and President
VCI International