Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What Followers Want

What do followers ask of their leaders? Here is a simple list.
- Please show up
- Get us together
- Help us get there

Please show up. Followers want a leader who is willing to step up to the plate. They don't want you to wait on the sidelines to be picked. If the issue is important enough to you, step up and lead us.

Get us together. Leaders need to rally people. Invite them into the game. Show them that it is important and hold them accountable for being a part of the team. It is demotivating to commit yourself to a team and then see one of your teammates drifting away and not doing their part and watching the leader do nothing about it. Leaders build teams.

Help us get there. Point the way. Give us a couple of next steps that we can latch on to and simply do. Tell us what is expected of us. Keep an eye on the big picture and keep us informed of how progress is going and how our little pieces tie together with the whole.

So that's it...well almost. One more thing is super important. Be authentic.