Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Need For Leaders

I have had the privilege of spending some time with Dr. Paul Magnus (one of Canada's leading voices on Christian leadership) the last few days learning and discussing leadership.

Here is one thing I have been struck with:
"There is a major leadership shortage. Over time, my sense of the importance of leadership has grown exponentially. I have a dream to enhance the quality of leaders in every kind of group and organization."  - Dr. Paul Magnus

This is huge. Leaders don't just appear. They don't just show up out of no where. Leaders are made not born. We have a responsibility, if we are to do the work of God in our generation and be good stewards for the next. We must raise up leaders at every level and in every organization that will expand the kingdom of God. So, how are we intentionally doing this? With our children, with our youth, with our young adults, with seniors, with men, with women...with everyone.

We need a greater heart for developing leaders.
We need greater intentionality and strategic plans to actually do it.
We need better definitions and understandings of what leadership really is and how God forms leaders through us.
We need to fulfill our mandate for our generation and the next.