Friday, December 2, 2011

One of my Favorite Events of the Year (Christmas Banquet)

One of my favourite events of the year is our church Christmas Banquet. I love eating together with a group of people like a church family, we do several things every year where we gather with groups of people for meals, events and celebrations...but this is my favourite. I love it because of the sense of community and family that we experience. I love it because there are so many guests and newcomers who have been invited out by our people. I love it because it's the kind of event that I love bringing people to and makes me feel proud to be a part of our church. I love it because it's fun, funny and yet carries a powerful message. I love it because the kids program that happens during the adult program is over the top fun. This year in particular I love it because of it's theme of helping those who are homeless and hungry this Christmas. If you are a Moose Javian, please make it a priority to join us for our Christmas Banquet this year. You can get tickets ($12/adult  $6/kid) by calling 691-5051 or stopping by our offices. See you there! If you'd like to help someone go who can't afford tickets we would really appreciate the donation.