Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Books of December

Soulprint – Mark Batterson   
My first Mark Batterson book. This guy is a great writer and powerful thinker. I would love to read everything he writes. This book is a journey in destiny discovery through reflecting on the life of David. Great stuff.
Spectacular Sins – John Piper       
I was pretty pumped to read this book since Piper's books are some of my favourite and this particular book won an awardBut I was a bit disappointed. It was good but not great. A couple of worthwhile points but not worth a whole book. Could be a great chapter of another book. :)
Not A Fan – Kyle Idleman  
I love this book. I believe it's message is excactly what the church in North America needs to hear and it is presented exceptionally well. Awesome stuff. You can buy at copy at our church or church office for $15.

A Testament of Devotion – Thomas Kelly
One of the best books I hae read in a long time. This guy is a deeply spiritual person with really powerful reflections on how God works in our lives and a call to genuine faith. The reading is a but tough as it is old english.
The Next Level – David Gregory 
This fun and simple short story is very worth while. Great creativity. Great concept. This might make a book club book sometime. It's really, really good.
Sun Stand Still – Steven Furtick    
If you want your faith challenged this is the book. I needed a kick in the butt in this stuff and found it very helpful. I hope to re-read this book again soon.

Old Testament     
What can I say? I try to read through the Bible at least once a year. This time through the OT I really enjoyed the back and forth warnings and promises.                                                                                                                                                              
I Moved Your Cheese   - Deepak Malhotra 
A fun little business book about breaking out of the box. It is a fun jab at the book, "Who Moved My Cheese" encouraging the reader to rebell against the norm.

Dinner with a Perfect Stranger  - David Gregory 
This short story is interesting and pretty good but I didn't find it awesome. Just good. Would be a neat book to give a friend who was investigating Christianity and then discuss it with them.

What They Didn't Teach You In Seminary - Dr. Paul Meier; Dr. Frank Minirth
I really enjoyed this honest look at pastoring. It gave me a fresh perspective that I really needed.