Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Choosing Less = Choosing Better

When we have too many options to choose from we enjoy the decision making process less, we make poorer choices and we are less happy with the choices we have made. Narrow down your options before working seriously on your choice making. If you are wondering how many options you should have to choose from, the number 5 is a good one to remember.

When we make too many choices we become overwhelmed and tired and tend to make poor choices that we regret later. Be choosy about what you spend your choosing energy on. Some things aren't worth bothering about, some things are exceedingly important. Make sure you are giving proportionate energy to what matters.

Once again we learn that overcomplicating our lives is not healthy for us and that simplicity is critical for joy and success. Try applying these principles across any area of life and they work. Business, family, work, church, etc..