Saturday, October 6, 2012

Just A Little

Observations from Proverbs 6 - Man Up Challenge! "A little sleep, a little more slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest - the poverty will pounce like a bandit..." (vs. 10-11)

This is a warning against laziness. But it could be a warning against lying, lust, gossip, gluttony or any number of compromising sins. The term "a little more" conveys a number of things.

1. The deceptive nature of sin. Of course, it isn't exactly a's a lot, just a little at a time.

2. The power of small things. This principle works in reverse too. When you are doing something virtuous - just a little more. A little more savings, a little more exercise, a little more chores around the house, a little more homework, a little more sacrificing service for someone else...Keep on adding a little at a time and you will be amazed how much wonderful good ads up. The principle is the power of small things - they ad up!

3. Little is motivating. Whether laziness is trying to motivate us to stay in bed or virtue is trying to get us to press on further in God - both make their best and most convincing arguments to us by inviting us to take the next step. Not the next 1000 steps. How do you eat an elephant?

The Bible is wonderfully transcendent over time. Here is a warning against snooze buttons right here in the Bible way before it's time.