Monday, October 6, 2014

What I liked so far in my reading this year...

I read a lot of books. I love to know what others are reading, maybe you are the same. If so, here is a list of the books I have read this year that I liked. (I left off lots of the ones that were just "ok"). 

Fight – Graig Groeschel - great book for men
The Pursuit of The Holy – Simon Ponsoney - inspiring and solid book on holiness

Licensed to Kill – Brian Hedges - great book on holiness

Radical – David Platt - an awesome call to full out following of Jesus

Passion – Louie Giglio - highly recommend this manifesto for a new generation to live for God's glory

Dangerous Calling - Paul Tripp - one of the best books on being a pastor I have ever read

Pursued - Jub Wilhite - great book on grace

Crucial Conversations – Grenny - awesome leadership material 

Mission Drift – Peter Greer, Chris Horst - best book for boards and senior leaders I have read in a long time

Reverberation – Jonathon Leeman - the importance of God's word

Weakness Is The Way – J. I. Packer - I love Packer! This is great stuff in a short book

Hidden In Christ – James Bryan Smith - deeper life stuff, contemplative growth in relationship with Jesus

Preaching in A Secular Culture – Timothy Keller - this is currently my favourite author

Communicating for a Change – Andy Stanley - one of the best communicators in the world right now

Desiring God – John Piper - this book changed my life, fun to read again and get fired up again!

Galatians – Swindoll - lots of Galatians study...see below :)
Galatians – Macaurther (x2)
Galatians – Wiersbe
 Galatians – Stott - this is my favourite commentator on any book of the Bible

The World On Fire: Rick Joyner - interesting history of welsh revival with lessons

Walking with God Through Pain and Suffering – Timothy Keller  - awesome book!

Winning on Purpose - Kaiser - convicting challenge to church leaders to actually bear fruit!

The Heart of Leadership – Mark Miller - great short leadership book on servanthood

Fully Alive – John Piper - anything by Piper is food for the soul

7 Men Who Changed the World – Eric Metaxis - this guy is a good writer, intersting and worthwhile read

Laugh Again – Charles Swindoll - I needed this and still do some days. :)

Judges – Timothy Keller - my current favourite author again

The Prodigal God – Timothy Keller - oh, look, more Keller!

Change Anything - Grenny - great leadership material, also very interesting reading with lots of examples and stories

AHA – Kyle Idleman - this guy is an awesome author, always powerful and relelvant material, any Christian should read this

Decisive – Chip and Dan Heath - interesting book about making better decisions

The Path - Rick Joyner - fiction with a lesson

Born Crucified – LE Maxwell - an old classic

The Language of Sex - Gary Smalley / Ted Cunningham - learning more about this wonderful gift from God :)

Gospel-Centered Teaching – Trevin Wax - excellent, short reading, good for any Christian leader

How High Will You Climb? – John Maxwell - motivating book on having a godly attitude

Count Zinzendorf – Janet and Jeff Benge - great to read the inspiring lives of leaders who have gone before us

Gospel Wakefulness – Jared C. Wilson - I loved this book, restoring the center of the faith to the center of our lives

24/6 – Matthew Sleeth - very convicting and convincing read for learning to live the sabbath in modern life, written by a medical doctor

The Encore Effect – Mark Sanborn - good leadership material

The measure of our success – Shawn Lovejoy - good reminder for pastors and church leaders to focus on what really matters

Why marriages to succeed or fail – John Gottman - an excellent marriage book especially for marriage counsellors or those wanting to help others with marriage

Process Managing Church Size – Tim Keller - wow, too much information but good stuff,

Love the life you live – Parrott, Warren - better than I expected, find your life in Jesus and you will love your life

Gospel Coach – Scott Thomas -some great information on mentoring, a little too detailed/specific

Spirit of Revival – Archie Parrish, RC Sproul, Jonathon Edwards - wow, what an inspiring and powerful read about Jonathon Edwards material on revival

David and Goliath – Malcolm Gladwell - very fun reading with some good points

Miracle Hour - powerful guides for prayer, have been a real blessing for me
The Way of the Cross -
- powerful guides for prayer, have been a real blessing for me
The Emmaus Road -
powerful guides for prayer, have been a real blessing for me 

Living The Resurrection – Eugene Peterson - soul renovating material on experiencing Jesus for real every day

The Tipping Point – Malcolm Gladwell - very interesting read on what makes something go viral

The Practice of the Presence of God – Brother Lawrance (x2) - most life changing book I have ever read, read it so many times I can almost mouth the words as I read

The Book of Forgiveness – Bishop Desmond Tutu - an excellent guide to practical forgiveness

The Touch – William Wallace - a fun fiction read with a good message

How People Grow – Cloud/ Townsend - a great comprehensive manual for spiritual growth

Heart Cry for Revival – Stephen Olford - a passionate plea for full on faith

The Chocolate Conversation – Rose Fass - a great leadership book on making every conversation count

The Pursuit of holiness – Jerry Bridges - a classic