Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis: Lessons for Fighting Satan More Effectively

Lessons From Screwtape...
I finished "The Screwtape Letters" a few weeks ago and a few lessons stand out to me from this book.
1. It's great to present familiar truths in unfamiliar ways. C.S. Lewis' approach is extremely creative and unique and took time to develop and write. Sometimes we think that presenting the truth is all that matters but how we present it matters too. Finding unique and powerful ways to present truth matters if we genuinely want people to hear and receive the truth we have to present. The message matters but so does the envelope and the packaging.
2. Satan's most dangerous attacks are often the more subtle and sneaky ones.
3. Satan is more interested in destroying our souls than our bodies.
4. Satan's only power over us is through deception. The Truth (Jesus) sets us free.
5. If Satan can't destroy us in one way, he will look for another. We must be on guard from all forms of attack and know where we may be most vulnerable. He won't likely succeed in attacks on our strongest areas.
6. Satan will try to not only to kill us but to diminish our effectiveness. If he can't make us sin, he will try to keep us from doing good. If he can't make us violent he will try to make us passive.
7. God is good and with Him we win every time. The goal is not to focus on Satan's tactics or attacks but to focus on God while being wary of the enemies tactics.