Thursday, July 23, 2015

What are you putting into the storehouse of your heart today?

Luke 6:45 “A good person brings good things out of the good things stored up in his heart...” 

You cannot bring out of your heart something that is not already there. Good things come from a person because there were good things in their hearts. Evil things come from people because they have evil things stored up in their hearts. 

God wants to transform our hearts so that good things come out of us rather than evil things. How does He do that? He offers us the ability to control the input side of what goes into us. What if we took charge over the inputs in our lives and only allowed good things in? In fact, what if we intentionally went after good things to put into our hearts? Over time, more and good good things would be in there and less and less evil.  

Here are some ways to put good things into your heart.
- daily Bible reading and reflection
- weekly church attendance (this is the most important practice I know of to help Christians stay on a growing path)
- spending time with followers of Christ who will encourage you (invite them over, out for coffee, start a Bible study with some of them)
- reading great books (check for a starting list of good books)
- watching or other godly shows - there are tons of great documentaries, movies and sermons - it might take a bit of effort to look around this site and find what you can use but it's worth it (email me at to sign up for free on rightnowmedia with Victory Church of Moose Jaw)
- put an app on your phone that gives you a verse for the day
- play worship music in your vehicle (invest in some great cd's from - if you don't know where to start with music try Hillsongs, Elevation Church, Chris Tomlin, Planetshakers, All Sons and Daughters, David Crowder and many more) - you can also try Christian radio to get a feel for what's out there and find what connects with you.