Monday, September 7, 2015

My Current Favourite Author

Why Tim Keller is my current favourite author.

Yup, I have read most of his books and I keep buying more - though he writes them too fast for me to keep up. He is a Presbyterian pastor in New York, apologist and evangelist, especially to the modern unchurched and atheist. Here is why I love his writing.

1. It is Christ-centered. Reading a paragraph from Keller on the glory and wonder if who Jesus is and what He has done for us fires me up! Keller never drifts far from Jesus no matter what He is writing about, He brings it back to the Center.
2. It is gospel saturated. Grace changes everything. Keller's writing drips with grace. He is crystal clear that anything God requires of us He has accomplished for us. I love the gospel, it is my lifeline. I love Keller's writing because I need to be brought back again and again to the gospel of God's grace as revealed in Christ and His cross.
3. It is brilliant and intellectually challenging. I am suspicious of writing that takes intellectual shortcuts. Although I find Keller over my head on occasion, I appreciate being stretched. Reading radically Christian authors who are intellectually honest strengthens my faith.
4. It is unapologetically experiential and passionate. Keller never apologizes for reminding us that true Christianity is a love relationship that must be personally experienced and engaged in order to be authentic. Christ is a real Person and can be really known in the deepest and most personal ways a human can experience "knowing".

Thank you Tim Keller or being faithful to testify of Christ to your culture and generation.

If you want to read one of his books as a starter I would recommend "Counterfeit Gods."