Monday, September 14, 2009


Everything we come in contact with influences us. We can influence what we come in contact with and we can influence how much influence we allow it to have on us. We can't completely control those things, but we can influence them.

"I am part of all I have ever met." Walt Disney

Prudence would tell us to maximize the positive influences, both in contact and potency, and minimize the negative ones.

That is the blog for today. If that's all you came for, you can stop reading here and move along with your plans. If you are interested in my favourite writers and preaching, you can keep on.

One of the writers and ministries that has had a positive influence on me is John Piper - - He has been one of my favourite writers for years. I always look forward to the next book he will publish. His preaching is also phenomenal. A good introduction to his preaching is, "Boasting only in the cross" and can be found on YouTube, or read/listen to it at

Want to hear other great sermons online?

Check out: and listen to the ones by Wayne Cordeiro - This guy's SOAP plan for devotions changed my life.

Or if your looking for something a little more hip, try

Andy Stanley (best leadership stuff I have ever come across, his leadership podcast is great), Mark Driscoll (this guy is impacting the younger generation with truth like no one I have ever seen - check out, John Ortberg (best at the craft of writing and preaching I know of), Ed Young Jr. (pretty cool), Les and Leslie Parrot (my favourite marriage people), John Stott (a hero of mine, great writer and preacher, I poured cream in his coffee once) - Jesus (only published one book but it was really good, His preaching is very good too). These guys' writing and preaching impacts me. I could name a dozen more but I will save it for another blog.

Go and be influenced!!!