Monday, September 7, 2009

Thanks for Spreading the Word

Exactly 2 months ago the idea of starting a blog specifically designed to provide wisdom, great ideas, and positive influence to Moose Javians came up in conversation. After consulting with a dozen or so friends we began to pilot the blog and then make adjustments.

The blog officially was launched August 25, and had 71 visits in the first day! 12 days later we have had 653 unique visitors, almost 2000 page views and almost 1000 visits to the site. In less than two weeks I have already had several conversations in the stores and streets of Moose Jaw with people saying... "Hey, I read your blog."

Thanks to Discover Moose Jaw. AND also THANKS TO YOU. Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting, thanks for following and most of all, thanks for spreading the word.

Great ideas spread virally. If you like one of my blogs, please talk about it with someone else and/or use the icon below it to e-mail it to someone. THANKS!!!