Sunday, September 6, 2009

What Should Moose Javians Do Today?

This morning I am preparing for our church services.
I am thrilled about what God might do today in people’s hearts and homes.

I can’t imagine another event that is more important than engaging in authentic worship of God, receiving the joy of being part of a bigger family and applying truth of God’s Word to my daily life.

How has the church become irrelevant to so many people’s lives when it is so easily available and so potentially powerful? One of the greatest tragedies of modern culture is the relegating of the church to useless.

I blame church missional drift. We have slowly left our primary purposes. We have left our first love. We have cooled off one degree at a time. Let's renew our vision for why we are here, let's grab hold of it like we are desperate and let's pray and fight and work like crazy until the church is what the church is meant to be.

I long for the day when the most important hour of the average Moose Javian’s week is centered on God’s worship and God’s word. Our lives would be far richer!

May everyone who goes to church this morning be thinking to themselves afterwards, "I wouldn't miss THAT for the world!"