Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Significant Experiences Addendum 2

From the introduction to "Practicing His Presence" by Brother Lawrence and Frank Laubach

Pg xi "...their testimony: living proof that it is possible to experience Christ continuously...Brother Lawrence...served mostly in the hospital kitchen. He became known, within the community, and later beyond it, for his quiet and serene faith, and for his simple experience of "the presence of God."

Pg xii " this book you will meet a brother busy as you are in outward activity...but a brother who in the middle of all his demanding tasks, has learned how to wed contemplation to activity. For the past forty years our brother has hardly ever turned from "the presence of God."

Pg xiv (now about Frank Laubach not Brother Lawrence) " age eighty-five, on June 11, 1970, he lived one of the fullest lives ever lived by one of Christ's followers. He was one of the most travelled Christians of all ages; perhaps the most travelled man of modern times. He was known in virtually every land on earth. Countless honours were bestowed on him, though once when presented with a famous "Man of the Year" award he said humbly, "The Lord will not wish to count my trophies, but my scars."