Monday, May 31, 2010

Significant Experiences Addendum

In my youth I read the book that has most defined and impacted my life (other than the Bible). I have read this book more than any other book. Probably around 10 times, and I plan to read it again and again. The name of the book?

"Practicing His Presence" - Brother Lawrence and Frank Laubach (ISBN 0-940232-01-4)

It is based on the idea that a person can experience God as a Person. That we can enjoy His companionship every moment of every day of our lives. That in fact, this is the essence of what the Christian life is meant to be. A constant conscious awareness and embrace of God.

From the v... "...walking in the awareness of the presence of Christ...just as Christ walked about on earth, constantly aware of His Father. Is such a relationship obtainable? Is this experience central in the Christian life? The idea of living in the constant awareness of Christ has seemed so far-fetched that is has been generally discarded as hopelessly unobtainable. It really isn't! But if it is obtainable, why then has such a relationship with the Lord rarely been found...?"