Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So...You don't like books? How about the power of "together"?

OK, so my book craze is a bit over the top, I admit it. You are probably wondering when I am going to give this stuff a rest and blog about something else. Well, today is your day. I will return to the bookish blogs after a few blogs about something...anything other than books.

Today I am reflecting on the power of shared experiences. When we pray together, build a vision together, make a plan together, enjoy a victory together or endure a trial together, somehow the experience takes on far more meaning. Any of those things can be done independently, but doing them together has so many positive benefits it's hard to think of or name them all.

One of the benefits I love is that there is a shared sense of ownership. If I get some vision or plan on my own and try to convince you of it, I use up my influence points and you may feel manipulated or pressured into the whole thing. On the other hand, if we develop the vision or plan together, or if we pray through it together, or go through things together, there is shared ownership. We both feel excited about it and don't need to use up energy trying to convince each other to be a part of it.