Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What to Invest In

My favourite investment of all time. People. Churches need to build people, pour into people, teach people, help people, disciple people, encourage people, correct people, train people, empower people, develop get the picture. This is the best investment a church can make. This is the best investment you can make. Which people are you investing in? Let me make a few suggestions:
1. Invest in yourself. If you haven't invested in yourself, you will have nothing to invest in anyone else.
2. Invest in your family. Everyone else will come and go. Family is worth investing in. Ask anyone with the wisdom of age and they will encourage you to invest here!
3. Invest in a few people instead of the masses. It's amazing how much impact one person can have on someone else's life. Jesus choose to focus His investment in a few people who would in turn invest in others.
4. Invest in everyone. Why not try to add value and be a blessing to every single person you ever have an interaction with? Whether it's the mailman, the Superstore greeter, the co-worker, or the friend...take the attitude that you want to help, serve, give and be a blessing.