Monday, November 8, 2010

Making Great Decisions

I meet people almost every day who are enduring the pain of their poor decisions. As strange as it sounds, many of these people have a hard time really connecting the dots between their poor decisions and their pain. More amazing than that, even when some of them do wearily admit that they are to blame for their own pain, they don't seem to be hopeful about making better decisions in the future.

The impression I am often given is that they hope that nice people, a good God and maybe just plain good luck will rescue them...and maybe it happens just often enough that they keep this hope alive. They seem to genuinely believe that their only hope is to get favours from outside themselves. In other words, they are looking for solutions to their problems outside themselves. To put it a bit more crudely, they are hoping that somehow, they can make the same stupid choices in the future and get different results.

Here is why I am thinking about this today. I am wondering in what areas of my life I might be blindly doing the same thing. Is there anywhere in my life that I am enduring pain because of poor decisions I have made? If so, how do I plan to keep that from happening again in the future? Am I planning to change my decisions? (If so, will I really do it?) Or, am I just planning to keep making the same stupid decisions and hoping that somehow I will get 'lucky' and get different results?

Changed results take changed decisions and changed actions.
Whatever a man sows, he will reap.