Saturday, January 15, 2011

Books of December

The books of December:

Maintaining Balance when the winds of doctrine blow - Dick Iverson
This book was recommended to me by a great pastor of a very charismatic/prophetic church. It is very well done and I think must reading for those involved in the movement of charismatics where people call themselves prophets etc.. Great stuff.

The Life You’ve Always Wanted - John Ortberg
I read this for the third or forth time and was blown away again. I kept saying to myself, this is why I love Ortberg. He is defiantly one of the Christian leaders who has most influenced me. I thank God for this man and this book. One of the core books that has influenced my life. I don't think I would have a devotional life right now if God hadn't brought me this book.

NT x 2
So, NT means New Testament. The best book of all time.

Winning - Jack Welch
Wow! Over and over when reading this I felt overwhelmed with the amount of leadership savvy this guys has. Smart as could be. Not a Christian yet when he wrote it but very, very smart, lots of wisdom.

Authentic Faith - Gary Thomas (skim read)
My favourite author. About suffering, I read it again because I needed it.

Victory in Christ - Charles Trumbull
Very cool, very old book about resting in God's victory and not striving in our own power. I love classics!

How Good Is Good Enough? - Andy Stanley
My favourite book that explains the gospel. Powerful. Simple. Awesome. I have given this book away to dozens of seekers. My old neighbour came to Christ after reading this book. I recently bought 25 more copies so that our church can get equipped and use this book in sharing Christ with their friends.

Leadership 101 - John Maxwell
These 101 books by Maxwell have really got me excited. They are short, simple and straight forward. Very helpful and puts more great leadership stuff in 100 pages than I have ever seen. All of the 101 Maxwell books are highly recommended.

Fasting - Derek Prince
A great book on fasting.