Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rocked My World

I recently read a book that rocked my world. It is called, "Leadershift" by Don Cousins and is about Christian/church leadership. The premise of the book is that much of current thinking about leadership in the church is flawed because we have not understood the distinctions between Christian and secular leadership. Therefore, many of our practices are unbiblical and ineffective in the church. I have read several books that propose the same idea before but never one that so radically called for a fresh perspective. It really effected me because...

1. It proposed so many paradigm shifting ideas that it pushed me out of my comfort zone and out of my box. I found myself agreeing with the author yet feeling very uncomfortable about where it was leading (it would mean change and change is uncomfortable).
2. It not only proposed fresh paradigms but fresh application. In other words, it pushes for changes in church life that are radical. I found myself sometimes disagreeing with the application but longing for more conversation on the issues and feeling unsure of how I would propose something better. This really challenged my thinking about the church and how it should operate.
3. My importantly, this book not only looked at leadership for the whole church but addressed the issues of God's anointing, the Holy Spirit's presence and power, and our personal walk with God in the midst of Christian leadership. Again, many books I have read deal with this, but this one nailed me. I sensed God speaking to me as I read and several times had to stop and pray for God to re-iterate these truths to my own walk with Him. How I long for all my leadership and life to be founded on my own walk with God. How I long to do all I do in the power of the Holy Spirit and not in the power of the flesh.

I kept asking as I read this book, "Would I recommend it to others?" The reason this was tough for me was that some of the thoughts in it are so fresh I am not sure I agree with them. Here was my conclusion. From a theological/truth perspective, I think he is on and I would recommend the book wholeheartedly. From a practical application perspective I think it has to be taken 'with a grain of salt' understanding that application is different in different settings and making change is something that needs to be done carefully. So...YES! Get the book. The chapters on your walk with God and living in the power of the Holy Spirit are life changing!

Oh yea...and we happen to have it for sale at our church for $10. :-)