Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dreaming Dreams

I am preparing today for our church team day where we gather together to get renewed in our passion, refreshed in our hearts and united in our purposes. I wanted to start the day talking about the power
of vision and got thinking about God's dream for us. I went looking for a good quote on "dreams" and ended up finding something I wrote several year ago. See if it stirs anything in you.

"If you don’t dream you’ll never have anything to step out of the boat into. The dream is what you step into when you step out of the boat. The dream is what you enter into when you leave the comfort zone of your life. Your dreams are your water to walk on, they are the way to freedom from the monotony of doing the same old all your life. They are the options that lie before you that frighten you and excite
you at the same time. So, if we are destined to be a water-walking people, if we are determined to get out of the monotony of the same old, out of the drudgery of the comfort zone, then we are going to
have to find some dreams.

God is a dreamer… He created this whole earth and worked it out in His minds eye before He ever created it and set it in motion. He created you in His heart and mind before the world even began, He dreamed about what you would be like and what you would do. It seems God put in us what was in Him, the capacity to envision the future. In fact, He constantly calls His people to dream big dreams…

He told Abraham to look at the stars and dream about a huge nation…He told Moses to dream about a people who would be set free from slavery…He gave the prophets dreams of what God’s people could be like if only they would obey His voice.

He gave Jesus a dream of setting people free.... Jesus started His ministry with a dream from God in the scriptures for the purpose of His life, He said, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me to bring freedom...good news..."
Jesus went on to call His disciples with a dream of what they could become (fishers of men).
He imparted His dream to them about His church) that would break down the gates of hell.
When He left them, He left them with a dream the great commission, spreading His glory through all the world.

Dreams have been the catalyst for good change throughout history."