Sunday, January 23, 2011

Reflecting on 120 Books

The following are the books I read in 2010. I will bold the top ten percent that stand out the most to me and comment on them at the end.

The power of words and the wonder of God  - John Piper, Justin Taylor 
Let prayer change your life – Becky Tirabassi  
Pure Pleasure – Gary Thomas 
Serving as a church greeter – Leslie Parrot 
Missionary stories from Indonesia – Gwenda Steward  
The Most Loving Place in Town - Ken Blanchard  
From Egypt to Canaan – John Ritchie 
The Greatest Thing in the World – Henry Drummond 
Get a grip – Douglas Weiss  
 God’s unfolding battle plan – Chuck Pierce 
Silo’s Politics and Turf Wars- Partick Lencioni
The Four Obsessions of an extraordinary executive - Partick Lencioni
One Thing – Sam Storms
Getting Naked – Patrick Lencioni 
Plain Christianity – JB Phillips
Transformation – Ed Silvoso
Spiritual Depression - It’s causes and cures: Martin Llyod Jones
The Three Sign of a Miserable Job – Patrick Lencioni 
Ida Scudder – Healing Bodies, Touching Hearts - Janet Benge
Be Our Guest – Perfecting the art of customer service
The Seven Blessings of The Passover – Steve Munsey
C.S. Lewis- Master Storyteller
Blood in the Sand – Benny Hinn
Colossians and Philemon – Kent Hughes
William and Catherine Booth – Helen Hosier
Colossians – Llyod John Ogilvie
Leading Beyond the Walls – Adam Hamilton
Leading on Empty - Wayne Cordeiro
Getting Things Done - David Allen
How The Mighty Fall - Jim Collins
The Resilient Life - Gordon MacDonald
Finishing Well - Bob Buford
Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership - Ruth Haley Barton
The Me I want to be - John Ortberg
Making it all work - David Allen 
The Right To Remain Silent - A Night to Remember - Joy Desjarlais
By design or default - creating church culture that works - Kevin Gerald
3 Questions of a Frantic Family - Patrick Lencioni
The Monkey and The Fish - Liquid Leadership in a Third Culture Church - Dave Gibbons
How To Break Growth Barriers - Carl George
Doing Church as A Team - Wayne Cordiero
Corrrie Ten Boom - Janet and Jeff Benge
 Practicing His Presence - Brother Lawrence, Frank Laubach
The pursuit of God - AW Tozer
Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell 
If Only He Knew - Gary Smalley
 Mad Church Disease - Anne Jackson
Messy Spirituality - Michael Yaconelli 
Marketing the Church  - George Barna
Ministry Marketing - Yvonne Prehn
Case for the Creator for Kids - Lee Strobel 
Money is Easy...Faith is Hard - David Meir 
 The Gift of Being Yourself - David Benner 
Death by Meeting - Patrick Lencioni
Missional Renaissance - Reggie McNeal
Just Enough Anxiety - Robert Rosen
Preaching that Connects - Galli and Larson
The End of Religion - Bruxy Cavey
Emotionally Healthy Spirituality - Pete Scazarro 
The Divine Mentor - Wayne Cordiero
Healing Life’s Hurts - John Baker
Simple Church - Thom Rainer and Eric Geiger
Essential Church - Reclaiming a Generation of Dropouts - Thom and Sam Rainer
The One-Life Solution Dr. Henry Cloud
The Search For Signifance - Robert S. McGee
Velvet Elvis - Rob Bell
First Love - John MacAurthur 
Have a new kid by Friday - Kevin Leman
Follow Me - Jan Hettinga 
Love and Respect   - Dr. Emerson Eggerichs
Dream Thieves - Rick Renner
When Heaven Comes Down - Che Ahn
Whispers - Bill Hybels 
Self-Development 101 - John Maxwell
Enough - Adam Hamilton
The Land Between - Jeff Manion
The Language of God - Francis Collins
Quiet Strength - Tony Dungy
Going Missional - Stiller and Metzger
Outlive your life - Max Lucado
Understanding Jesus - Joe Amaril
The wealthy barber - David Chilton
The mind field - Tom Tavares
Polarity Management - Barry Johnson
Mentoring 101 - John Maxwell 
The Path - Andy Stanley
Frommers Hawaii
Fodor’s Hawaii,
The Unofficial Guide to Hawaii
The Church of Irresistable Influence - Dr. Robert Lewis
William Carey -  
Church Planting - Dr. George Hill
 Strategic Learning - Willie Peterson
Polarity Management in Congregations - Johnson
Vanya - Myrna Grant
 Imagine God - H. Eric Fearman
Mini-books (4): Ministry Etiquette - Dr. George Hill; When Your Marriage is Sinking; What’s A Family For?; When Your Marriage is Sinking - Wayne Coreiro
Spiritual Rhythm - Mark Buchanan
Beyond Rational Management - Robert Quinn 
Just Walk Across the Room - Bill Hybels
How the mighty fall - Jim Collins
Leading the revolution - Gary Hamel
Adonoram Judson - Faith Cox Bailey
Good to Great - Jim Collins
 Good to Great for the Social Sector
The way of the heart - Henri Nouwen 
The hour that changes the world - Dick Eastman
Living The Life - Peter Horrobin
Path of the Warrior - Cpl Nathan Justice
 Heart after God - Luis Palau
Maintaining Balance when the winds of doctrine blow - Dick Iverson
The Life You’ve Always Wanted - John Ortberg
NT x 2
Winning - Jack Welch
Authentic Faith - Gary Thomas (skim read)
Victory in Christ - Charles Trumbull
How Good Is Good Enough? - Andy Stanley
Leadership 101 - John Maxwell 
Fasting - Derek Prince

Looking over these books brings back lots of memories and helps me see what God taught me over the year. So much awesome learning and so glad for the books God brought across my path. I am also conscious of how many books I missed out on. Makes one think about what I should and should not be reading. By necessity, every book I read I neglect thousands of others.

Some of what stands out... biographies are powerful! I find reading biographies an incredibly powerful and inspiring thing. Business books teach me a lot about life and wisdom and God. Patrick Lencioni is awesome, I read a lot of his books this year. There is a reason certain books are classics. Christian classics are worth checking out. Shorter books are just as good as longer ones. The author often has a big impact on me as much as the book itself.

It seems crazy to see SO MANY books. Hard to beleive I read them all this year. It's awesome how consistency over time adds up. I bet I averaged 30 minutes a day, maybe less.