Monday, March 21, 2011

The Books Of February

Though Feb was pretty dreary, the books were rich. Here are some wonderful reads!

Preparing for Adolescence - Dr. James Dobson
I read this with my son who is newly 13. It is a GREAT book for 11-14 year olds. Helpful for parents to understand this phase of life as well.

 Battling Unbelief - John Piper
I don't know why, but if you want me to feel close to God...on fire. Passionate about prayer, about Jesus...if you want me to shout and jump and stand on my head for Christ....this is the guy. I love this stuff. Give me a wildly charismatic author and my stomach turns, I feel strangely violated (manipulated?) and far from God...give my Piper and I can't get enough of Jesus!

 Dare to drop the pose - Craig Groeschel 
WOW! This book is soooo worthwhile! I highly recommend this book. Could easily be a Champion's book club book.

Who moved my cheese - Spencer Johnson
This is a classic. It's one of the shortest books you will ever read that is a business classic. It's fiction, fun, silly and very helpful. It's about change and human nature. This book will likely be the next Champion's book club book. Love it.

The Truth About You - Markus Buckingham 
Markus Buckingham has brought a perspective highly needed. Understanding our strengths and weaknesses and what to do with them...this guy has a radical perspective, and I think he might be right. 

A Great and Terrible Love - Mark Galli 
Good stuff, on the character of God. You can never learn that enough. 
 Revolution Within - Dwight Edwards 
Great book around the "Deeper Life". This guy is a direct descendant of Jonathon Edwards, the great revivalist. He longs to see a fresh revival in our day of relying on the grace of God and not on our own strength. Basically, he teaches us to push the truth of the reformation (Salvation by grace) into our daily lives (life and sanctification by grace). This is the only way to really live in the power of God and do what He asks us to do. 
Why it’s hard to love Jesus – Joe Stowell  
Joe Stowell is a amazing person. Solid, powerful, simple, biblical.

Blessed be your name – Matt and Beth Redman
This book on suffering was very, very, helpful. It's an easy, short read and was personally very moving and powerful for me. 
 I sold my soul on eBay - Hemant Mehta
This book is fun reading. Some very interesting insights about church from the perspective of an outsider. A bit edgy. His story is fun and 'sensationalist'. Hemant seems to be a genuinely nice guy... Oh and he's an atheist. Does this surprise you? Then you strugglele with prejudism toward a minority group (Atheists). Atheists happen to be part of a huge people group of whom there are both wonderful and terrible people....this people group is known as humanity. Funny enough, Christians happen to be part of that same people group. Thanks Hemant for helping us put down our stones and enjoy one another and great dialogue.

 The 39 Clues - The Maze of Bones - Rick Riordan 
Okay, this one happens to be my favourite for the month. Not becuase it's all that great (it's a fiction adventure book that is pretty good), but becasue my wonderful daughter read it to me...chapter after chapter, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Wow, I am the richest man in the world!