Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Marraige Questions...A great question

What are my requirements as a Christian woman to my unbelieving husband, to my church, and to my family? If my husband does not attend church or church meetings I must go alone to the church and leave him alone. For many working families, the only time they have to spend together is a Sunday. Is it wrong to spend time with my husband rather than go to church?

You need to work hard to have a great marriage. This includes spending quantity and quality time with your spouse. You also are a committed follower of Jesus and need to give yourself wholeheartedly to that. This is not either/or it is both. When you feel that they are in conflict with each other you need to find ways to engage them both. I don't think it is unreasonable at all to be committed to church, serving, giving etc. and to be committed to your marriage. Many married people are committed to a sport that they play, daily exercises, and dozens of other things that they do on their own and yet find ways to keep their marriage a priority as well. You may have to give up other things in your life to make these two things a priority but if they are both priorities, do them both and neglect other stuff. I would encourage you to spend time with your husband at other times and still go to church. I think you could do both, but it may mean sacrificing on some other area.

I did talk about some similar issues in another earlier blog on being married to a non-Christian.