Thursday, April 21, 2011

Simple...Powerful...Easter Sunday

I have spent my morning working on and praying for our Easter Service coming up this Sunday. Easter Services are one of the services we tend to come up with more creative ideas and cool stuff than usual. This year was a bit different. The more we strategized and thought, the less we seemed to come up with that we felt would be fitting. Finally, an idea came that has now taken shape. It is very simple, not a big production of sorts but a journey together through the story of Easter. The idea came from reflecting on the "Seven Stations of the Cross" that Catholics and some other churches have found helpful as a tangible way of remembering and recieving the glory of the Easter message.

How awesome would it be if we were able to take several "scenes" from the Bible as the Easter story unfolds and stop at each one, reflecting on the lessons that God has for us in it.

We welcome you to join us this Sunday at 10:30 at Victory Church in Moose Jaw for, "Celebrate Hope - A Simple and Powerful Journey Through The Easter Story". A jounrey from the last supper, the garden, the cross, the ressurection and to Jesus' words with His disciples before He ascended to the Father.