Sunday, October 30, 2011

Before the month is over...

Before the month of October is over I would like to honour a few deserving people in my life. (October is Pastor Appreciation month - I believe passinately in honour. Although it's not usually in October...for the last 10+ years I have taken time at least once a year to honour and bless my pastors)

1. Menno Epp, John Lension, Ron Falk and Adam Robinson - all who pastored me in my childhood and teenage years. You endured suffering that I had no idea about and still you served me, preached God's word to me, prayed for me and offered me tons of great council. Thanks for being a hugely positive influence on my early years in life.

2. Craig Buroker - my youth pastor many years ago who taught me to worship God with all my heart. To sincerely seek a relationship with Jesus and to have him as my first love. Because you cared enough to ask about me, my friend invited me back to youth. The rest is history. Thanks for caring, thanks for being a worshipper.

3. Drs. Geroge and Hazel Hill - took me into their home, mentored me, gave me opportunities of a lifetime, took risks on me, believed in me, encouraged me, rebuked me and invested in me. I have never seen anyone so intensely live for the gospel of Jesus for so long as the two of you. the sacrifices you have made for me, for Victory and ultimately for Christ blow me away.

4. Dave Meyers - what can I say? You pastored me through my most formative years so far in my life. You mentored me more deeply than anyone else has other than my parents. You worked with me through my failures and trials. You shared your heart and life with me and became one of the best friends a man could ever have. You allowed me to shine and encouraged it without allowing jealousy or envy to destroy our relationship. Thank you so much for all you have done, there are few people in my life I would like to thank more than you.

5. Terry Murphy - We are still fairly newly working together and at some distance but I have benefited many ways from your leadership both past and present. You were willing to entrust me with a work that was close to your heart. You are passionate for the lost and have led to Christ many people that I now have the privilege of discipling. You are faithful in your charge to lead our region of churches and to help Victory Churches fulfill it's destiny. Thank you!