Friday, October 7, 2011


I have been learning lately about innovation and creativity. We keep innovating in order to keep from becoming obsolete but more than that, we keep innovating because we believe in our product and cause so much that we are convinced that our current level of effectiveness is not enough.

Throughout history the church has found itself on both ends of the innovation spectrum. Sometimes getting far behind (some churches you enter today feel like you are going into a time warp, with architecture, music, attitudes and presentations that are ancient) but other times the church has been on the leading edge of creativity in society.

I am convinced that the church, of all places, where the ultimate Creator is King and where our mission demands continual reinvention of methods, ought to be a place of amazing ingenuity and creativity. The Bible has a high view of the arts as a method of both worship and communication. Erwin McManus says, "He who tells the best story, shapes the culture." Sometimes Avatar and Star Wars have done a better job telling stories than we have, even though we have the ultimate meaningful story to tell. Let's be those who genuinely believe that we are made in the image of a creative God and who even believe that the Creator God lives within us.