Thursday, October 6, 2011

Books of September

Here are the books I read in September. Great variety. 11 books this month which makes me 1 book short of my 10/month average for the year so far. I also added, "Recommended" this time to my thoughts about each book in case you are looking for some great books to read.

Planet Google - Randall Stross
This book was interesting. It helped me understand some of the Google advantage and what are the factors influencing media/web development.

How Good is Good Enough? - Andy Stanley   
God used this book to help me understand and communicate the message of Jesus far better. He also used it in the journey of one of my friends to find Jesus. My son recently read it and gave it to one of his friends and they read it. Our church is currently using it as our book club book and it has sold more copies than any other book we have ever done...twice! We just got another 30 copies in so if you want one (or 5) come on down to our office and pick it (them) up. Recommended.

Meatball Sundae - Seth Godin
This guy is so out of the box and such a great thinker. He stretches my thinking as much as any other writer. I don't always get what he is trying to say but then, I don't always get what I am trying to say either. :) My wife found me this book for FREE at a second hand store. Cool. Thanks babe!

Not a Fan - Kyle Idleman  
This is my new favorite book of the year. A timeless message presented in a new way for a new generation. Idleman rocks the world of any Christ-follower and challenges us to have a genuine faith instead of a cheap plastic one. This is the message the Canadian church needs to hear over and over again and if we listen and will spark revival in our lives! Highly recommended!!!

The Crucifixion of Ministry - Andrew Purvis   
This may be the most personally life changing book I have read in a long time. It has dramatically influenced the way I see and do ministry. It was way heavy on theology and a difficult read (even though it is short) but it was so good. The question in any given situation is, "What is Jesus doing and how can I cooperate with Him in it?" Ah, the peace I receive when I say that. No longer I, but Christ in me. Liberation for the tired pastor! Thanks so much to Blayne Banting for recommending it. A book for pastors.

Manage your man - Dr. Hazel Hill 
I love Drs. George and Hazel Hill. They are amazing and wonderful people who love God with all their hearts and are expanding God's Kingdom is very cool ways. I read everything they write. This little book is more of a marriage book than a women's book (it is marketed for women). It is an easy read and would help the marriage of any man or woman who chooses to read it. Recommended.       

The Overload Syndrome - Dr. Richard Swenson        
Many years ago, Swenson's book, "Margin" significantly influenced my life. Thanks for this great follow-up with lots of practical advice.

Little House on the Freeway - Tim Kimmel      
Fairly good stuff on slowing down and managing overloaded lives.

The Gospel According to Jesus - John MacArthur       
A classic for a good reason. Although I struggle with MacArthur's style and sometimes his attitude, this book is awesome. It's like an older version of "Not a Fan" (above) for the previous generation. Great stuff!

The Journey of Desire - John Eldredge             
This book stirs things inside and messes you up! In a good way... :) I have read most of his stuff and I think this is Eldredge's best book. Definitely a recommended read!!!

Facilitating With Ease - Ingrid Bens 
Wow, this was the hardest book to read that I have read in a while. More of a reference material book than a sit down and read it book (and I sat down and read it...yes...torturously). It is awesome material and some that I will definitely use for facilitating brainstorming, visioning and team exercises. I am participating in or leading meetings like this almost weekly so it is very relevant and helpful...just hard to read. :)