Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Failure doesn't mean game over, it means try again with experience.

Those who innovate, create and do are those who have failed many times but have learned from their failures and tried again. Here are some thoughts on failure.

1. Don't put all your eggs in one basket.
If you use up all your resources, energy and time on one thing and it fails (and it is likely to, since FAR more things fail than succeed). You won't have the resources to try again with more experience and knowledge. So don't put all your hopes in one idea.

2. Learn from everything.
Failure is only a waste if you don't learn from it. Learn from failures and learn from successes. Every idea that is great has needed refining. Much of that refining happens in the midst of trial and error. Those good and learning from trial and error have a huge edge on those who do not.

3. Do an inside (heart) renovation.
Most of what goes wrong with failure is not outer but inner. Our internal reactions to failure; our fears and doubts, our insecurities and shame cause us to react poorly to failure. Deal with your inner world before it deals with you.

4. Try again only better.
Most of us have more momentum in the beginning of a project. It's the idea phase that is exciting. It's harder to be excited after idea, planning, implementation, learning, new idea, more planning...and finally...launch again. Having the energy and brains to give a second and third real try is what sets apart those who do succeed from those who don't.