Saturday, January 28, 2012

Survey Says More...

My favourite part of a survey is the personal stories. Here are some of the things people shared in a recent survey at our church.

What has God done in your life through this church?

…he is developing me as a leader, a godly leader, teaching me to lay pride down and to partner with him to change people’s lives.

I found a church where I could be fed the word, learn leadership skills and serve God.
I have learned that market place is a calling on my life and I would not have discovered this calling if I was in another church. 

This church became our family and support when our families are so far way.  It caused us to dream bigger and think higher through near bankruptcy, child loss, cancer and depression.  VCMJ has always been a strong tower that we could find refuge and safety in.
For me this church has been God’s family- the good and the not so good. A place that is home where you can be yourself.  This is what I like about being here at Victory.

I feel a renewed sense of direction /destiny since being at VCMJ.  I sense a deep undercurrent of unleashed potential here and it’s very exciting to be here at this time in what God is doing.
My husband became a born again Christian, was baptized in water and in the Holy Spirit.  Because of the people, I come back to Christ and the church and am once again enjoying the feast at His table.

Before I came to this church I didn’t know where I fit.  Here I was challenged in new areas and then trained up to be a leader.
…myself, my husband and children were saved have been taught the word of God here and we have been taught the purpose and plans God had for us.

Through this church God saved my family- my parents who where on the brink of divorce.  God also brought me my amazing husband and expanded me in skills I didn’t know I had.
I believe I would not be here today if I wouldn’t have found VCMJ, I would have self-destructed. 

My mom getting saved.
God took someone like me, afraid to let anyone “see” her true self.  Begin to see that He loves me and desires for me to be free- free to grow in Him, free to grow in relationship, free to let go and allow him to grow me into the best person I can be. 

When I was in the darkest point in my life my pastors helped me see that the thing I was chasing after was a place to belong, and  since the beginning that is what VCMJ has been- it’s on its way to a healthy/growing place to belong.  God has and is doing great things through VCMJ.