Thursday, January 26, 2012

Survey Says...

We recently surveyed a group from our church to see what their experiences around here are like... here is what they said.

What do you like best about VCMJ?
1.      The preaching of the word
2.      The sense of acceptance, belonging and family
3.      The heart for and work we do in outreach
4.      The fact that we are a high challenge environment (while still being accepting and gracious)

What has caused you to grow the most at VCMJ?1.      Serving - opportunities, being coached, etc.
2.      The Teaching - the word
3.      Personal encouragement and coaching
4.      Authenticity - openness about real life struggles

What makes VCMJ Unique? (What is distinctive or special that characterizes our church)
1.      City - Our heart for the city and call to reach this city
2.      Friendliness
3.      Sense of belonging and connecting with each other
4.      Genuine and real people (not perfect)
5.      Risk-taking / change oriented / non-religious
6.      The leaders and leadership team
7.      Our emphasis on outreach

What do you feel the Holy Spirit is saying is part of the unique calling of our church?
1.      To reach the lost in our city
2.      To bring restoration and love into people’s lives and help them grow - love
3.      To develop, raise up and release leaders
4.      Youth, young adults and young families
5.      City transformation
6.      To break open new ground, make a way for others, bring unity amongst churches in MJ